Our resources are organized on five principles of action and one accessibility checklist (where you can see how accessible and inclusive your community is) for communities that are striving for inclusivity or inclusion, particularly to people with disabilities. They follow: 

  1. How to Become a Welcoming Community: Opening Your Doors for People with Disabilities
  2. Participation of People with Disabilities: Involving New Members with Disabilities in Volunteer and Leadership Roles 
  3. Inclusive Religious Practices: Making Rituals and Other Activities Accessible to People with Disabilities
  4. Accessible Buildings: Creating Hospitable Spaces for People with Diverse Abilities
  5. Creating Accessible Media and Communication: In Services, Websites, Bulletins, Artwork, and Other Forms
  6. Accessibility Checklist: Determining Accessibility of Your Building, Your Attitudes, Your Advertising and Communication

In each section, you will find facts about people with disabilities, strategies, tips and various resources on accessibility and inclusion, especially in faith contexts. It is our hope that the resources included here will be used to open the mind, hearts and doors of faith communities to people with all kind of abilities. Let’s begin!

Putting Resources Into Action

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