Our Doors Are Open project was developed to offer diverse faith-communities in Ontario simple and creative ideas to help increase inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities in worship services, events and all activities of the community. Increasingly, new voices are challenging old approaches to understanding and explaining accessibility and inclusion. In this project we have given special attention to issues of inclusion raised by organizations and by voices from the communities of people with disabilities.

What We Do:

  • Encourage all members to participate fully in the religious, social and cultural life of their faith community without discrimination.
  • Help new members, are open to new ideas and customs and recognize the contribution that new members make.
  • Support diversity and respect differences by embracing and celebrating the whole community.

What We Offer to Diverse Faith Communities in Ontario:

  • The Our Doors are Open Guide  which offers a series of clear and straightforward suggestions in order to promote inclusive thinking in your community.  It is our hope that the resources included here will be used to open the mind, hearts and doors of faith communities to people with disabilities.
  • On-site workshops to create a welcoming community for people with disabilities
  • Mapathon
  • Train the trainer seminars on how to be inclusive
  • Help with websites and communications