Our Doors Are Open offers faith communities creative ideas and guidance to increase inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities.

Opening Your Doors

Bring full participation of people with disabilities in your faith community by:

  • Form an Accessibility Committee
  • Identify Barriers
  • Make a Plan

Resources & Guidance

Our Doors Are Open has free help and support for your community:

  • Free Our Doors are Open Services
  • Quick Accessibility Tips
  • Accessibility and Inclusion Resources
  • Our Doors are Open Guide

Participating Communities

Learn who is participating in Our Doors are Open:

  • Find welcoming communities and congregations
  • Participating organizations
  • Project photo album



One of many stories of how local businesses and technology work together to create a more #welcomingcommunity!


#accessibility #inclusion

Spaces are limited RSVP by completing this google form https://t.co/2aDRHaRDJ8 …
Please let us know, how we can best include you at the workshop.
If you have any questions or bring the workshop to your community instead, email Teresa at tlee@faculty.ocadu.ca

Our very own Mike Walker will be offering an Our Doors are Open community inclusion workshop to the Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College at UofT tomorrow morning!
Sign up for workshops to make your community more welcoming: https://t.co/V1DCzRzO75

The Death of Cardinal Bernard Law and the Legacy of Clergy Sex Abuse https://t.co/0eTqQcfRKI

We're looking for photos!
Click image for more info.

email: teresa.lee@alumni.utoronto.ca


1 week ago

Our Doors Are Open

Introducing Our Doors Are Open's Guide for Accessible Congregations.
With tips and resources in the palm of your hand (or in a click of a button) to learn from, share with others, and help grow your community.

Becoming a welcoming community has never been easier. #learnsharegrow #accessible #inclusion

To become inclusive:
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2 weeks ago

Our Doors Are Open

How do you grow your community? Build a committee, promote participation, set trainings. The only way to become a member of a welcoming faith community is to have said community in the first place. #learnsharegrow #accessibility #inclusive

Learn how to grow:
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2 weeks ago

Our Doors Are Open

How do you share your knowledge?
See a barrier? Speak out and let others know.
Someone in need? Ask first with the right words.
Members of the community, new and old? Welcome them.

What you do with your knowledge is only the beginning to becoming inclusive. #learnsharegrow #accessibility #inclusive

Learn how to share:
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