Resources and Guidance

There are many things you can do to be more inclusive and accessible. If you aren’t sure where to start then you can have a look at some of our resources or consider contacting us to get access to our free inclusion and accessibility services.

Free Our Doors are Open Services

In many cases, the Our Doors are Open team can come to your place of worship to lead an inclusion workshop or you can send some of your materials to us for review. If multiple organizations are interested in learning more than we can also give a train the trainer seminar. Learn more about our free services in this section.

    • Free Train the Trainer Seminar
    • Free Community Workshop
    • Free Website Accessibility audits
  • Free Accessibility Audit of your Communications (e.g. digital newsletter, web site)

Quick Accessibility Tips

These tip sheets can help you get started on making improvements in your place of worship. 

    • Tips for interaction and building relationships 
    • Accessibility Checklist 
  • Create Accessible Communication Material 

Accessibility and Inclusion Resources

There are many great resources to help you understand how to be more inclusive and accessible. Make sure that you add your place of worship to Accessibility Cloud so that people know you are inclusive.

    • Add your place of worship to Accessibility Cloud (used by many mapping applications)
    • Have an accessibility mapathon
  • Online resources 

Our Doors are Open Guide

The Guide has a lot of ideas and steps to help your community understand new ways to be accessible and inclusive.

If you would like us to run event for your group, please contact us using the buttons below. Time is limited so be sure to sign up before March 31, 2018.

Workshop     Train-the-Trainer     Mapathon