Guide for Accessible Congregations

The Guide has a lot of ideas and steps to help your community understand new ways to be accessible and inclusive. For a PDF version, click below:

English PDF: Download the Guide for Accessible Congregations as an Accessible PDF

You may also want to watch our 10 minute training video introduction to the guide.


Getting Started

  • Who are People with Disabilities?
  • What are Barriers?
  • Building Relationships with People with Disabilities

Getting Organized 

  • Step 1: Form an Inclusion Committee
  • Step 2: Identify Barriers
  • Step 3: Make a Plan

Getting Down to Work

  • 1- Strategies for Shifting Attitudes & Promoting 18 Active Participation
  • 2- Strategies for Improving Communications
  • 3-Strategies for Making Buildings and Facilities Accessible

Welcoming New People into Your Community 

  • Step 1: Have a Plan for Welcoming New Community Members
  • Step 2: Reach Out to People Who Are Not Currently Included in Your Community
  • Step 3: Build Relationships with People with Disabilities