Accessible Buildings

Physical accessibility is a vital facet of inclusion! While the resources in this category are not organized by faith community, they all reflect the significance of physical access to worship spaces and social activities.

A Planning Guide for Accessible Conferences,”  a resource by the Council for Ontarian Universities. This resource, a PDF, provides a comprehensive look at the logistics of planning an accessible conference at an Ontario university; its focus on the physical accessibility of the building, and its equally-significant emphasis on the accessibility of information is easily transferable to other contexts, such as a worship service or faith-based program.

A Planning Checklist for Accessible Events,”, a resource by the Council for Ontarian Universities. This PDF, a short list very similar to the previous resource, outlines numerous considerations in terms of the physical and informational accessibility of planned events.

Breaking Down Barriers: a Multi-faith Guide to Accessibility in Places of Worship, a resource created by REENA. In this three-part Guide, Reena, a Jewish non-profit organization in Toronto that promotes the dignity and full inclusion of people with developmental disabilities, outlines the creation of accessibility committees and networks, the commissioning of accessibility “officers” (specific champions of inclusion in individual synagogues), and the overall implementation of the Customer Service Standards of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act in Jewish contexts.

Clearing Our Path: Creating accessible environments ­for people with vision loss, a resource by CNIB.