Accessible Congregations Training Package

Our Doors Are Open helps faith communities by stimulating what we call “inclusive thinking”; this new worldview allows communities to reach out to members with disabilities and enable their full participation. Through Our Doors Are Open training package, the Inclusive Design Research Centre at OCAD University offers guidance to all faith communities.

The Open Your Doors “community-inclusion” workshop is designed specifically to help individual faith-communities. It enables communities to:

  • Develop what we call “inclusive thinking,”
  • Reach out to their members with disabilities
  • Engage those members in full participation
  • Discuss ways to create accessible media and communications
  • Assess the physical and social inclusivity of a faith-community.

Our interactive program includes:

 Accessibility is much more than the built environment; it is important to include it in the things we do inside and outside our places of worship. We know that many communities are thinking about accessibility and making changes, but we understand that that implementation is not easy.